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    Germany to recognise qualifications and degrees from foreign institutions, making it easier for foreign professionals to find work in Germany.

    The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce DIHK estimates lack of 400,000 engineers, master craftsmen and skilled workers to support economy.





About Us

Parantapa Sawant

Hey...I am an Alumni of the International degree program MSc. Energy Conversion and Management at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. Since finishing my course I am living and working in Mannheim. I came to Germany after finishing my Engineering in India from University of Pune in October 2009, to study Masters in Energy Conversion & Management at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

I decided to go for higher studies during the third year of my engineering. Collecting information about applications and preparing documents was a very long and tiring process as there was not any reliable help.

Shreyas and I decided to start this website to offer a reliable and crystal clear setup to the students to prepare themselves for higher education in Germany. It is a very humble setup with no business intentions. Well being students we only want to make sure our time and investments to keep this thing going are balanced out!!!

Shreyas Naik

After finishing my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University in 2008, I joined International Masters program in Energy Conversion and Management at University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany. Being an average Engineering student from a middle class family, I was inspired with the thought to make something different than usual track of students such as going to the US for their Masters.

Because of technological advances, altogether different culture and comparatively economical education, I opted for Germany. I am glad to say that I am working for Continental now and feels pretty much satisfied with my decision. I am enjoying my work in the field of Energy at Continental and looking forward to excel in my professional career here in Deutschland!!

Not to forget, "Grass is not always greener on the other side". One has to face the language problem, different exam patterns, different work environment etc... BUT, we have tackled it successfully and so does you guys.

Friends, our purpose of this work is to utilize our spare time for some noble reason and share our valuable real-time experience with you. We are aware of the difficulties faced by the students coming to Germany and all the bluffs by consulting agencies to charge you loads of money.
We have formed our network of students studying in various universities and some professionals who have started their career after finishing Masters. By this way you will be able to gain an advice on any of your queries from students studying at your chosen university or in your field of study.