I am Dinesh from Pune and currently studying Msc. …..at University of Deggendorf. I came to Germany in SS 2010.
I was looking desperately for consultants in Pune to help me apply for Germany. I did find some, but was not comfortable with their approach . I was afraid of being cheated and scammed!!!
Luckily I got in touch with these guys through some common friends at our University in Pune and they helped me from there on (totally free of cost!!!)
I am sure these guys are the best!!! They helped me with even the smallest details in making perfect application documents. I am thankful to them to take time of from their schedules to help me. I am sincere in my support to these guys for developing this service and website!! They are helping new prospective students by saving a lot of time and money by providing the cheap and reliable “For the student by the Student” service!!!