Most Government Universities have NO tuition fees. However a student must plan for a semester contribution (100-200€/ Sem) and monthly expenses (400-500€ /Month).
During the internship sem and master thesis your monthly expenses (rent,insurance,grocery etc.) generally get covered. So in reality for a 2 year / 4 sem course you have to plan expenses for 1 year / 2 semesters. These could be further reduced with help of scholarships and student jobs. HOWEVER, when it comes to visa applications after you have got admits things get complicated. One must realize that while applying for visa after getting your admit you need to show adequate funds in your bank account. The visa office may ask you to deposit Demand Draft (4-5 lakh INR / 1 year expense) and open German Bank accounts before you even come to Germany. In this case you have to plan for resources worth 8-10 lakh INR at your disposal in the form of bank loans / FD / Parents Support on official stamp paper etc. This part we will clear in the visa section of application. TIP: In some unis as per the fees structure, if you have three siblings, then you do not need to pay the tuition fees (conditions apply, please clarify with your target university).