All types of documentation, insider tips on the filling of online forms and also establishing first contact with unis.

Based on your field of interest we will forward you some courses to begin with. This will give you an idea about the types of courses, their requirements and types of universities in Germany. However, most importantly we will introduce you to the DAAD portal which is the official database for international degree programs in Germany and should be scanned by every applicant. For more information please check out the FAQ section.

This is the crown jewel of our services and the most requested part too. The A to Z of the whole package which you will need to send to the admission committee. We will guide you through the gruesome and confusing work package of preparing your SOP and LORs. This process requires a lot of proof reading and is an iterative procedure in which we will forward you some sample SOPs and then help you tailor-fit an SOP for your needs. For more info check out the General Info page.

Once admits are secured we can guide you for the visa application process and help plan out a task list till you have secured your visa. We can guide you with information for looking for rooms in Germany and also put some light on the initial steps you should take once you arrive here.

After having secured admits we will give you valuable information about how and which scholarships you can apply. What kind of financial support you can get in Germany etc. For more information please check our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

For the above mentioned service package we take a basic one time registration donation of 5000 INR per student. For more details please check Contact Us page.